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The company: NextID is a 2-year old Singapore-based company with a revolutionary approach to issuing verifiable digital certificates. The company's NextCert service is designed to fit any business use case, including awards, health status, authenticity of documents, artwork and copyright proofs, etc. All of these certificates are anchored to a blockchain, so are permanent and tamper proof.

Our unique value proposition is to easily produce the most trusted and attractive digital certificates for any business use case. Following are some key points about our certificate services.

  • NextID is a services company and revenue is based on fees paid by certificate issuers, including schools, academies, healthcare providers, document management companies, etc.

  • Our flagship NextCert™ is a web-based application used to issue and manage verifiable digital certificates. The app family includes the free NextCert Viewer and Verifier. A NextCert Credentials Wallet is coming soon. These apps are available to issuers on a pay-per-use or subscription model. The company also offers data-processing services and has a full API for system integrators.

  • NextCert technology is compatible with multiple blockchains, supports multiple use cases and offers unlimited flexibility for the graphical design of certificates.

  • Our certificates rely on international standards and can be easily shared via social media. For example, a one-click feature lets recipients add certificates to their LinkedIn profiles.

  • Our certificates can also be minted as tradeable NFTs. This is a very exciting development for digital artists and marketeers who produce coupons.

About this White Paper

"Decentralization will undoubtedly play a key role in shaping the future of the internet. The Web 3.0 revolution has already begun and the demand for decentralized identity management solutions that transfer the power back to the users is at an all-time high." - How Can Blockchain Technology Protect Digital Identities?

The internet has given rise to a new era of data security and privacy predicaments including centralisation and hacking. Blockchain-powered and decentralised identity management solutions have the potential to eliminate problems clouding digital identity. In fact, Verifiable Credentials is the #2 blockchain technology trend identified by IBS Intelligence. That's an even higher rank than DeFi. Juniper predicts that the value of the decentralised identity market will be $53b USD by 2026.

This white paper is intended to provide potential investors with an understanding of the decentralised identity market, what differentiates NextID's offering and what makes the company an attractive investment.


This white paper is organised in chapters for easy browsing:

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Good to know: Blockchain is a technology platform enabling developers to build powerful vertical applications easily. It is not necessary to issue tokens or create new protocols - we can rely on the fact that there are now several blockchains which can provide fast processing with low gas fees and excellent security.

Technical Foundations

Of course, to fully understand a modern business, investors need to become familiar with perhaps unfamiliar underlying technologies. The next chapter provides a brief survey of these foundational technologies.

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